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Productivity & Accountability Coaching

Finally overcome distractions and to-do-list overwhelm and get the clarity and focus to reach your goals. While also getting the support to stay accountable so you stay focused taking the best actions consistently to reach your goals.

Does this sound familiar...

"I work remotely and it's hard for me to be productive and avoid distractions."

"I'm wearing so many hats that I have a hard time getting things completed in all the different areas I'm working in."

"I feel like I'm wasting so much time and all I want to do is focus on what's important to me."

"I have so many great ideas, but I find it hard to finish any of them."

"I'm tired of procrastinating and striving to be perfect. I'm so ready to make big progress this year with my business."

"Why do I avoid doing what I know I should do?" 

Are you ready to finally get the help you need to be more productive and stay on track with your big goals and actually DO the tasks that get your goals accomplished? Are you ready to have a person on your team that keeps you accountable, while also empowering you to keep growing and accomplishing your big ideas?

Are you ready to finally overcome your procrastination and perfectionism?
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What you'll get with me as your productivity & accountability coach...

Expert Guidance

Receive expert guidance from a business coach who has helped build two multi-million dollar companies and has helped hundreds of business owners do the same.

Clarity and Focus

Use our powerful planning, daily action tools, and proven accountability coaching strategies to focus on specific, measurable, and realistic goals.

Elevated Productivity Methods

Effective productivity is simple and straightforward. No complicated systems. Learn research based productivity methods that are designed to get results and help you reach your goals

Support and Accountability

Get the support you need to stay focused and on track. Also, get the accountability you need to accomplish tasks so you can reach your goals.

Success Mindset & Neuroscience

Discover how your past and neuroscience may be impacting your actions or keeping your from reaching your goals.

Overcome Procrastination & Perfectionism

Learn what blocks you from taking action and perpetuates your procrastination and perfectionism. Discover simple ways to overcome the mental obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals.

What My Clients Say

Calendar Pages

Bella C., Blogger and Entrepreneur

"I had big dreams about what I wanted to do but for some reason I was always too scared to start. Too many imposter syndrome thoughts. I worked with Shari and found my core trauma. I also learned how to deal with my limiting "parts". It was mind-blowing how soon everything opened up in my heart afterwards. It's like the process freed me from years of fear and struggle. The imposter syndrome doesn't stop me anymore!"
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