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Editorial Design

Done-For-You Services

I will create & design the content (written, audio or video) you need for your website, email marketing, blog, social media or even that book or course you've been wanting to create but never have the time. I first take the time to understand your brand, vision, goals, and your audience, so I can create content that feels natural and authentic to your brand. We can work on one project at a time, or we can collaborate on several aspects of your content marketing at the same time.  During this process we focus on  strategic content, collaborations, messaging and strategy.


Take the guess work out of what to say, where to market and how to convert without being salesey

  • Message Clarity - get clear on what you’re selling & who your ideal clients are

  • Profit Plan - set your "right" rates, expand how you generate revenue & optimize current profit streams

  • Offer Creation - tell your story, connect with your target audience, and sell your services in a way that evokes “yes!” before you even talk to them

  • Digital Products - learn how you can expand your services to digital products online.

  • Sales Conversations - learn how to talk to your prospects that's not salesy but also motivates them to say Yes to low ticket and high ticket offers.

  • Marketing Clarity - get clear on which marketing, SEO, and social media platforms, strategies and approaches are right for you "right now" and beyond

  • Digital Marketing Made Simple - launch easy funnels to find your clients online

  • Marketing Mastery - craft magnetic selling materials & simplify your tech and automation

  • Email Marketing - write copy that sells & drive your highest conversion yet and create your email marketing plan

  • Online Funnels - implement lead magnets with our step-by-step funnel creation process

  • Done For You Services - have Shari help you "do the work" by helping create content, be your ghostwriter on next ebook or other content, she can create content templates, sales scripts, social media posts and much more. Learn more

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Let's dive deeper into how I can help you...

(If you don't see what you're looking for below contact me and we can discuss custom projects)

Brand Messaging

Clarity & Niche

Messaging, Tone, & Vibe

Most valuable target audience

Mission, Vision & Values

Creating culture for customers & employees

Brand & Product Naming

Brand Strategy, Planning & Audit

Brand guidelines

CEO, Executives or Founder Branding


Content Creation


Email Marketing & Campaigns

Books & Ebooks

Blogs, Articles, Newsletters

White papers

Webinars & Online Courses


SEO Content

Websites, landing pages

Lead Generation content

Video Content

and more....

Grant Writing:

research, write, submit & follow up

Fundraising Strategy

Board Development

Training for marketing, PR, fundraising 

All services on this page I do for non-profits also

Business Development

Local SEO: increase search engine rankings

Strategic Business development

Audit Customer Sales Journey for issues

Strategic Collaborations

Strategic Sales Planning

Media & Digital Communications

Social Media Content

Social Media Calendar & Strategy

Social Media

Public Relations Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Strategic Collaborations

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Grow Your Business with the help of behavior science

No matter how "logical" your audience is, the research tells us that they make decisions based on their emotions and justify them with their logic. Your target audience doesn't just want to be "told" how you're different or "what" your service is, they want to "feel" how your brand connects to their own story or problems and how you can help guide them (like Yoda guides Luke Skywalker) to where they "want" to go. They want to know how your brand will "elevate" or "empower" them. This happens by you connecting with them where they are now. Then showing them the magic behind WHY you are the best solution to help them get what they want.


I use behavior science, behavior economics and my own extensive neuroscience research to fuel my "Brand Hero" process so I can formulate a plan and create marketing, branding and content that uses messaging that knows how to "tap" into what's most important to them. 

When I help you, I make sure my you avoid marketing & messaging mistakes that don't optimize this research.

What My Clients Say

Business Meeting
attorney dkjfeih

Kristina B., Attorney

"Shari helped me clarify my brand messaging and then she helped me build my marketing plan around this "right" messaging. She helped me grow my business through organic SEO, optimizing my website, local SEO, social media and through the launch of my podcast.  Within a few months I was in the top 10 on local organic searches for my law practice niche--animal attorney. Soon I was consistently in the top 5. This was with no paid advertising, only organic SEO. With Shari's help I was able to grow my practice with her powerful approach to marketing."

Grow Your Vision

Schedule your discovery call with Shari today. No cost and no strings attached...just a conversation.

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