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Why choose Shari?

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I find more powerful ways to engage your audience and convert them into buyers, strategic partners, & loyal fans

For over 20 years I have researched and developed a formula for creating content, marketing, sales, development, and branding that "hooks" the audience to get their attention. Your audience could be potential customers, existing customers, potential strategic partners, potential funding partners or your industry--it doesn't matter. This formula is science and data driven and helps me understand how your customers or audience thinks, believes and behaves, so I know how to engage them. My method uses innovative customer analysis, brand research and behavioral science. This isn't a copycat system; this is something that has taken me years to understand and hundreds of clients to develop.

I've learned.....

Your target audience doesn't just want to be "told" how you're different or "what" your service is, they want to "feel" your brand through their connection & exposure with your brand & even you. This happens by effectivity sharing your story (the right story), your message, and the magic behind WHY you are the best solution for them through their experience of your brand. I use behavior science, behavior economics and my own extensive neuroscience research to fuel my creative direction and formulate a plan for each brand.

This can sometimes feel like I can read your target audiences minds....

I don't actually read their minds, but I almost do. I use behavior economics and behavior science to understand what triggers them to engage & buy, and what triggers them to keep scrolling.


Behavioral economics is the study of psychology and behavior science that analyzes the economic decisions people make. Essentially, what drives people to buy, take action or not take action. Factors that affect behavior include bounded rationality, choice architecture, cognitive biases, discrimination, and herd mentality. Behavioral economics assumes that people are bounded by their own cognitive and emotional limitations, rather than being perfectly rational beings. When it comes to content creation, marketing, branding and selling its vital businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs understand the importance of this.

Sometimes you need more than just content

Founder support

As a leader or founder of a business or organization you wear many hats, and many people look to you for guidance. As you want to grow or go in a new direction, many times the skills, habits, and know-how you currently have isn't enough to get you to the next level.  You need to "grow" your leadership capacity.  I offer 1 on 1 support to help you grow faster. I also offer a special Growth Partner program to help your "whole" business grow. Learn more here.


Lou Mancini, Former CEO of GNC and Brookstone

"Shari knows so much about how to bring out the best in leaders. She helps new and seasoned leaders find paths to more innovation and creativity professionally and personally."
Spring Branches

What I help you with...

Business Development

Brand Messaging

Clarity & Niche

Messaging, Tone, & Vibe

Most valuable target audience

Mission, Vision & Values

Creating culture for customers & employees

Brand & Product Naming

Brand Strategy, Planning & Audit

Brand guidelines

Content Creation

Email Marketing & Campaigns

Books & Ebooks

Blogs, Articles, Newsletters

Webinars & Online Courses

Non-Profit Grant Writing & Research


SEO Content

Websites, landing pages

Lead Generation content

and more....

Local SEO: increase search engine rankings

Strategic Business development

Audit Customer Sales Journey for issues

Strategic Collaborations

Strategic Sales Planning

Media & Digital Communications

Social Media Content

Social Media Calendar & Strategy

Social Media

Public Relations Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Strategic Collaborations

Founder & Executive Development

Leadership &/or Founder Branding

Founder Development

Productivity & Performance

Creating culture & thriving employees

Giving back: employees & leadership

Work Life Balance

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 done for you 
content & Marketing

office space

strategic Growth partner

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 1 on 1 consulting

Online Shopping

courses & training

Learn More
Flag on Mountain Peak

I help you plan and create your brand communications, so you increase visibility, industry credibility and ELEVATE your brand's place in your industry and beyond.

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