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Time to Grow Something Amazing!

Attention: Service Based Businesses and Nonprofits

Are you ready to start, grow, or expand your mission, message and movement?

However, you lack the time, energy, staff, or know-how to move forward. I can help you with 1 on 1 consulting, coaching and done for you services--or a hybrid of them all. 

I am the priceless resource you've been looking for that can finally give you the expertise, clarity and direction you've been searching for, while also helping you "do the work" by creating content, strategy, marketing, branding and social media that pushes your brand and services to the next level. 

I'm not a huge consulting's just me. That means you work with ME. We work together to create messaging, marketing and customer engagement that "feels" like you because I take the time to understand you, your message and your customers. You don't work with some junior account rep, copywriter, or coach who's just figuring this stuff out as they go. Who has time for that? I can help you with creating ONE content or marketing piece or project --or several. I can also help you with short-term and ongoing consulting and coaching to help you clarify, plan, strategize, research, or create your big idea. I have a hybrid option as well, the Growth Partner, that combines done for you services and 1 on 1 coaching and consulting. Learn more about Shari

Take the guess work out of what to say, where to market and how to convert without being salesey

  • Message Clarity - get clear on what you’re selling & who your ideal clients are

  • Profit Plan - set your "right" rates, expand how you generate revenue & optimize current profit streams

  • Offer Creation - tell your story, connect with your target audience, and sell your services in a way that evokes “yes!” before you even talk to them

  • Digital Products - learn how you can expand your services to digital products online.

  • Sales Conversations - learn how to talk to your prospects that's not salesy but also motivates them to say Yes to low ticket and high ticket offers.

  • Marketing Clarity - get clear on which marketing, SEO, and social media platforms, strategies and approaches are right for you "right now" and beyond

  • Digital Marketing Made Simple - launch easy funnels to find your clients online

  • Marketing Mastery - craft magnetic selling materials & simplify your tech and automation

  • Email Marketing - write copy that sells & drive your highest conversion yet and create your email marketing plan

  • Online Funnels - implement lead magnets with our step-by-step funnel creation process

  • Done For You Services - have Shari help you "do the work" by helping create content, be your ghostwriter on next ebook or other content, she can create content templates, sales scripts, social media posts and much more. Learn more

Who do I work with?

Service-Based Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Brands, Industry Experts and Nonprofits
  • Health & Wellness Experts: doctors, practitioners, coaches, authors, speakers, or nonprofits/organizations.
  • Health & Wellness Products or Places: spas, fitness, organic, farms or natural products.
  • Health & Wellness Technology: SaaS, apps, or products.
  • Lifestyle Service-Based Brands & Experts: house, home, garden, design, work life balance, sports, cooking, family, pets, slow-living, farming, conservation, nature, finances, niche attorneys, self-development and faith-based brands, experts or organizations.
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It's time to clear
things up...

create clear, focused and take action messaging, marketing & sales

You have this amazing service or product that solves a problem for your ideal customer, but you can't seem to get new customers or get people to buy. What's going on?  Your marketing, branding, messaging, and/or call to action are unclear, and it may even confuse your customer on what you can DO for them. If you're spending too much time "telling" them about your product or service, they're probably mentally checking out or clicking away.  You must bring them "into" your messaging and marketing so they understand HOW you can help them personally. 

Stop struggling with "how" to effectivly talk about what you offer, let me guide you with a proven system that clarifys your message and grows your profits & brand power.


Sometimes you need more than just marketing, messaging and content

Founder support

As a leader or founder of a business or organization you wear many hats, and many people look to you for guidance. As you want to grow or go in a new direction, many times the skills, habits, and know-how you currently have isn't enough to get you to the next level.  You need to "grow" your leadership capacity.  I offer 1 on 1 support to help you grow faster. I also offer a special Growth Partner program to help your "whole" business grow. Learn more about The Growth Partner here.

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How Can Shari Help You?

 Done For You 

 1 on 1 consulting

strategic Growth partner

courses & training

Learn More

Lou Mancini, Former CEO of GNC and Brookstone

"Shari knows so much about how to bring out the best in leaders. She helps new and seasoned leaders find paths to more innovation and creativity professionally and personally."
Flag on Mountain Peak

I help you plan and create your brand messaging and content marketing, so you increase visibility, industry credibility, boost profits, and ELEVATE your brand's place in your industry and beyond.

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