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Hello! I'm Shari

I mentor business owners, creatives, entrepreneurs & non-profits to grow their visions into successful ventures.

How it all started...

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Selling flowers....

I started my first business at 8 years old, selling flowers and small rocks that I found in my neighbors' yards and then sold them back to them. It wasn't a great business plan, but I surprisingly made money. By the time I was 14 I had my own housecleaning business, several babysitting clients and working part-time at a local restaurant. 

Selling health & wellness and becoming a neuroscience researcher....

By 25, I had already helped an international alternative health doctor grow his practice and product line from $300k to over $1 million dollars. Within the next few years, I helped two companies grow to 8 figures. A supplement and organic food company and an integrative neuroscience company and diagnostic lab.


Working with the neuroscience company opened me to the research and science of how we are controlled by our thoughts. I spent years embarking on several research projects that explored how our brains and bio-chemistry impact our performance, mood, success, making changes, overcoming challenges and even our future.

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Helping all kinds of dreamers...

In 2008 I started my own consulting business. By this time I was a wife and mom and was ready to help others in a more expanded capacity through my consulting. I started working with New York Times best-selling authors, Olympic coaches, doctors, CEOs, founders, creatives and entrepreneurs. I helped numerous more companies and visionaries grow their businesses to 7 and 8 figures. 


I also had gained the unique insight and experience using my neuroscience research to help my clients eliminate mental blocks, overcome fear and achieve goals. My work grew from not only growing businesses but from growing happier and more successful leaders and founders.

When everything changed...

In 2013 I lost my healthy 66-year-old mom unexpectedly to a fatal heart attack. The next year my 11-year-old son would go in the ICU and nearly die due to a complicated onset of the rarer genetic form of diabetes, Type 1 diabetes. A few years later I lost my healthy-never been sick dad unexpectedly to an infection. And during this time my business mentor and his wife committed suicide. My grief and overwhelming stress paralyzed me as I tried to manage this avalanche of events. Under the surface of my "I'm doing just fine fake smile", I processed my grief dove deep into helping my son but I also slowing realized that all of these events were shifting my priorities, faith, desires and goals. My whole life perspective was completely evolving.

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How I overcame and embraced joy & helping others even more...

It took time to finally emerge from my stress overload and learn how to live with my grief. I climbed out of these sad and stressful events not because they were less sad and stressful but because I finally realized I just had to "choose" to see hope and opportunities to live a full life despite what had happened. I started using the neuroscience concepts I had been using with my clients to overcome my OWN challenges. As a result, I have grown and expanded my life and my consulting. I've embraced my version of "healthy success" where I focus on my consulting, helping others, tapping into my true creative self, enjoying life and finding a deeper meaning to life. 

During this exciting time of my life, I've become an Emmy Nominated Producer from my work on a PBS TV show, I've helped several non-profits grow, I started my own urban flower farm in honor of my parents, I launched a Thanksgiving food drive where we fed over 800 people the first year, I've even remodeled 3 houses and I've helped many other business owners embrace their own "healthy success". I've written 2 books and started two more businesses.  I'm excited that my son and I have launched a business and book together--one of my proudest projects ever!

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Coaching entrepreneurs to grow profitable, healthy and truly exceptional businesses, ideas and lives.

Today I live in Colorado with my husband of 22 years and love being mom to my son. I love my urban flower farm, cooking and finding joy in my everyday life. My faith, family, fulfillment and finding joy are what guides me these days.


I love helping others on their entrepreneurial journey while growing my business and my life. My focus isn't just on helping clients make more money, it's about empowering them to grow as leaders, helping them find deeper meaning, a healthy balance between work and life and helping them create a "whole life" they love.

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