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Content Marketing  & Business Development Consulting

Transform how your brand is perceived in your industry and also how it "shows up" in the marketplace. Our consulting services looks at how your industry, competitors, customers, and potential customers "see" you and experience your brand. Then we dive into how you want to be seen and experienced as a brand. We help you through strategic research, detailed analysis, brand self-reflection, branded stories, and intelligent feedback. Then we roll up our sleeves to help create a plan and strategy to start reinventing, reinvigorating, restoring, or creating your powerful brand that stands taller and speaks clearer than all the rest. All so you can grow your business, project, or personal brand's own "brand faith". Meaning, all the people your brand touches will gain faith in what it does, what it offers & the faith to buy from it. 

Does this sound familiar....

"I'm burnt out from my business, I need to find my passion & spark again."

"I'm so lost on how to start writing my book or how to publish it!"

"I can't figure out how to take my brand to the next level"

"I know I need to optimize my content on my website and blog to improve my organic SEO and be found on Google, but I have no idea how to do that."

"I want to reach more people with what I do but I don't know how to do it and I don't have enough time to do it myself."

"I feel so alone, I had a vision for my business, but I don't have a clue how to create it!"

“How do I get more visibility and credibility in my industry?"

Are you ready to get someone to help you one on one...not just another course that you don't have the energy to finish?  I would love to help you.
--Shari  :)

What you'll get with me as your content marketing and business consultant...

Increased Profits

Get the clear guidance on optimizing current revenue streams while also growing new ones that fit your specific situation.

Expert Guidance

Receive expert guidance from a brand communications & business growth coach who has helped build two multi-million dollar companies and has helped hundreds of business owners do the same.

Clarity & Focus

Use our powerful planning, daily action tools, and proven accountability coaching strategies to focus on specific, measurable, and realistic goals...and actually accomplish them!!

Support and Accountability

Get the support you need to stay focused and on track. Also, get the accountability you need to accomplish tasks so you can reach your goals. Learn more about how I can help with  accountability and productivity.

Focused Strategy

Get clear on your business and marketing strategy with detailed goals, projects, and tasks so you know what to prioritize next.

Mindset for Success

Clear the clutter and blocks in your mindset and rewire your mind for success, fulfillment and even balance. Learn more 

Areas I focus on:

Every client is different, we may focus on all of these or just a few, depending on the situation.
Spring Branches

What I help you with...

Business Development

Content Creation

Brand Messaging

Clarity & Niche

Messaging, Tone, & Vibe

Most valuable target audience

Mission, Vision & Values

Creating culture for customers & employees

Brand & Product Naming

Brand Strategy, Planning & Audit

Brand guidelines

Email Marketing & Campaigns

Books & Ebooks

Blogs, Articles, Newsletters

Webinars & Online Courses


SEO Content

Websites, landing pages

Lead Generation content

and more....

Local SEO: increase search engine rankings

Strategic Business development

Audit Customer Sales Journey for issues

Strategic Collaborations

Strategic Sales Planning

Media & Digital Communications

Social Media Content

Social Media Calendar & Strategy

Social Media

Public Relations Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Strategic Collaborations

Founder & Executive Development

Leadership &/or Founder Branding

Founder Development

Productivity & Performance

Creating culture & thriving employees

Giving back: employees & leadership

Work Life Balance

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 done for you 
content & Marketing

office space

strategic Growth partner

consulting services.jpg

 1 on 1 consulting

Online Shopping

courses & training

Learn More

Learn More about My Other Consulting

What My Clients Say

Formula 1 racer.jpg

Claude R. CEO

"Shari's process challenged me in ways I didn't expect. I realized my challenges with being an effective leader started with some of my own internal blocks from the past.  The process changed everything about how I lead my business & life."
Sitting at a lake at sunset

Grow Your Vision

Schedule a discovery call with Shari. No cost, no strings attached...just a conversation. 

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