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What is Local Organic SEO and would your business benefit from it?


Local organic SEO (search engine optimization) is a strategic marketing method that focuses on improving the online visibility of LOCAL businesses on Google, by improving (or optimizing) their presence in search engine results “without” the use of paid advertising. This technique is especially vital for small to medium enterprises that rely heavily on attracting nearby customers. This can apply to any type of local business. For example, service-based businesses benefit from this immensely, like electricians, hair salons, spas, interior designers, chiropractors, financial planners, car repair shops or attorneys. However, it’s also valuable for all types of businesses like restaurants, specialty stores and even tourists' attractions.


Why is SEO important to businesses? Especially local businesses?

50% of people only click on the first 5 listings on the first page of search engine results. 75% of people never click to see the second page of search engine results. This means to increase the number of people “finding” you when they search Google you must appear on the top half of the first page just to have a chance. Organic local SEO helps you accomplish this. Paid SEO just puts your "paid" ad at the top of the page as long as you keep paying but you're also competing with others competing for the same customers. Organic SEO is more sustainable, and you have more control over it.

This local organic SEO doesn’t use paid advertising but instead various key strategies that organically increase a business’s ranking on the search page. After you have optimized your business’s website and other various places online you could go from the bottom of a search page to the top within 60-90 days depending on how many of the key factors you implement. Or even from page 10 of the search results to PAGE 1 within a few months.

Here’s some examples of how SEO works:

  • Optimize your website: This is when you add "specialized" content throughout your website and in specific locations, so Google “sees” your site is a better “fit” for a specific set of key words, like “best electrician near me” or “family attorney near me”.

  • Backlinks: Google values websites that have other websites “pointing” to it. Meaning, your website link is on other “high” traffic sites. Google sees your site as more valuable to searches when you have more of these.

  • Maintaining a blog: Google values sites that have blogs and it’s been shown that these sites get 57% more traffic than non-blog sites. However, having just “any” blog won’t create these results. You have to create blog posts that are optimized, and this means positioning keys words or phrases in the right places in the blog.


There are several other factors that contribute to getting you closer to the top of Google's PAGE 1 search results, but this gives you some new insight into why it’s important. If you want to learn more about how Shari can help you do this and show you best practices, so Google doesn’t penalize you for going against their set standards, set up a discovery call with her. Shari can do this process for you in the done for you marketing or she can train you and your staff to do this yourself.

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