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More About What I Do

I help small businesses and "experts" in their fields grow their business but also grow their skillset so they can grow with their business.

I am a business growth consultant that helps small businesses, experts in their fields, non-profits, creatives, entrepreneurs and dreamers overcome the barriers that are keeping them from success, growing profits, getting more clients or customers, consistent positive results, taking action, growing their brands and big ideas and even their happiness & fulfillment.

I focus on "aligned success" where your business, life and YOU create success and fulfillment together rather than at the expense of the other. 

For your business, I help you find brand clarity & brand purpose so we can create your powerful message, mission, marketing, products, vision and strategy.  I help you get more customers and clients by becoming more VISIBLE and IRRESISTABLE to your ideal customers and supporters, which grows your brand and profits. I also help you grow your reach through many types of marketing approaches like SEO, content marketing, PR, branding and much more. 

I also focus on YOU, the leader of your brand. Your brand is only as good as the leader behind it. My unique methods help clear any "internal" business and success blocks while also giving you unique tools and skills to overcome procrastination, imposter syndrome and leadership weaknesses and blind spots. I help you grow into the leader, task master, delegator, motivator, organizer and creator that you need to become, in order to create your big ideas in business and life.

My strategic approach helps YOU, your brand and your business become more productive and successful, so you're working in "alignment" rather than sabotaging the other.

 If you find success only in work, you'll never feel fulfilled and "whole". This "lopsided" success leads to burnout, anxiety, depression and mental health challenges. 

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Cave Hiker
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I take a different approach to business consulting.....

Lou Mancini, Former CEO of GNC and Brookstone

"Shari knows so much about how to bring out the best in leaders. She helps new and seasoned leaders find paths to more innovation and creativity professionally and personally."
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