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Rock Balancing

My Success Laws

If you want to learn how I operate my business, life and how I work with clients read my Success Laws. These are the values, priorities and boundaries I I live by.

Cloud with Silver Lining

Silver Lining

No matter what you've been handed in business or life it can be used to propel you forward and grow you inward. 

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No Jerks Allowed

I'm not a jerk, I won't work with jerks, and you shouldn't have to either.

Casual Meeting

Do The Work

Don't just dream about success, do the work to make it happen.  

Affirmation Poster

Have a Grateful, Kind & Humble Heart

Don't let what you want in business or life, cloud your perspective on what you already have and what's most important. While at the same time don't think because you now have a lot that you forget where you came from, your manners, kindness, and what's most important. 

Helping Hand

Make a Difference and Help Others

If all your business does is make money, it's a poor business. Businesses & people without purpose beyond just money will never "feel" fulfilled. Make helping others, a genuine part of how you live.

Almond Tree Flowers

Be Real

Being authentic, honest & genuine should be where we live from always. The "real" (imperfect) version of ourselves, is the best version of ourselves. Don't try to be something other than this "real" you just to get "others" to approve or accept you. 


The Empowered Mindset Always Wins

Good, bad, scattered, negative or frustrated... what you put out comes back to you. Focus on sending the best. And develop your thinking so it empowers you rather than sabotages you.


Create Healthy & Balanced Success

Define success on your own terms not what the rest of the world says. Create your dreams in a way that also honors all the other parts of your life and self. Like your wellness, happiness, family, creativity, and life beyond work.


Figure It Out

Challenges will happen and situations arise where you must face the unknown or unexpected. Trust you can figure it out even if it's new or something you must do for the first time. These are the moments you grow into an expanded version of yourself.

change is good_edited.jpg

Change Is Good

Let go of what you can't change and focus on what YOU CAN--regardless of age, circumstances, your past or even what seems fair.

Science Class

Follow Your Curiosity to Grow Your Creativity

Always be willing to learn with an open mind and have the constant curiosity to explore new ways of thinking, doing and being. Take the time to follow your curiosity because when you do it grows your creativity which sparks new ideas and experiences.

Mountain Peak

Strive to Elevate Upward & Inward

Reaching external success shouldn't be the only goal. Finding deeper meaning, self-awareness, faith and a higher purpose in our lives enriches our relationships, happiness, perspectives, and entire life.

Organizing the Calendar

Be a positive leader of your business and your life

Lead your life, business and self. Be a positive leader of your business, schedule, actions, thoughts, and life. Take self-responsibility for what you do, don't do, what you think, your well-being, happiness and how you experience the world. We are only 100% in control of ONE person in the world and that is US. We can only control how we lead ourselves but how we lead ourselves encourages others to be the "leader of their own life as well." Positive leaders create a culture of positive leaders.

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