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What to Expect Working With Shari

I take a different approach to working with clients. There is NO one size fits all. Stop paying crazy prices for "coaching" factories that try to "fit" YOU into their one size fits all system.

Shari's Process....

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Work With Focus

We begin with a customized MASTERY ROADMAP session where together we map out the exact next steps to achieve ALL your goals without sacrificing your life, health & joy. No more guessing, you now work with focus and clarity from a clear, written plan.


No Longer Alone

Work with Shari one-on-one, whether it’s holding you accountable, reclaiming your peace of mind, creating a powerful brand message or marketing, overcoming mental blocks, or being laser-focused on your business plan, Shari supports you, so you are no longer alone in this.

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Personalized For You

Never get “stuck” in a cookie-cutter online group coaching program that doesn’t fully apply to you and your business. Get the answers you need – fast – from Shari who addresses your specific strengths, needs and challenges, so you make progress toward your goals without wasting time.


Develop & Grow All of You

A business or creative idea can only grow when the leaders of the business grow as well. Working with Shari means you are working on the purpose, focus and performance of your business AND of you. Life changing transformation is always the goal for everyone who works with Shari.

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Here's What I Focus On..

The 8 Keys to Successful (and Happy) Founders & Businesses

I have 8 key areas in my consulting that I focus on. These areas focus on developing your business and the person behind the business. I have found that if we only focus on one or the other, we never get the results we want. It's a Whole System approach.


And when you hire me, you don't have to "figure out" how to apply my specific system to your business. We work together to create the "Best" and unique system for you. My 20+ years of experience helps me know how to help you where you are now and show you how to move from here to the next step and onward. This is a truly transformational experience that can't compare to group coaching or an online course.

Don't get pulled into another online program or to another guru who only focuses on ONE part or acts like everyone should take the "same" success path in every situation.

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Is business consulting right for you?


Grow Your Vision

Schedule your Free Discovery Call Today with Shari

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