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Your Customer is The Brand Hero!

Your customers want you to think of them first not your brand--they want to be the HERO in your marketing story.

Your target audience doesn't just want to be "told" how you're different or "what" your service is, they want to "feel" how your brand connects to their own story or problems and how you can help guide them (like Yoda guides Luke Skywalker) to where they "want" to go. They want to know how your brand will "elevate" or "empower" them. This happens by you connecting with them where they are now. Then showing them the magic behind WHY you are the best solution to help them get what they want. I use behavior science, behavior economics and my own extensive neuroscience research to fuel my "Brand Hero" process so I can formulate a plan for each of my clients that helps them avoid marketing & messaging mistakes (and make more money).

Before we continue let me explain what behavior economics is....

Behavioral economics is the study of psychology and behavior science that analyzes the economic decisions people make. Essentially, what drives people to buy, take action or not take action. Factors that affect behavior include bounded rationality, choice architecture, cognitive biases, discrimination, and herd mentality. Behavioral economics assumes that people are bounded by their own cognitive and emotional limitations, rather than being perfectly rational beings. When it comes to content creation, marketing, branding and selling it's vital you understand the importance of this and incorporate it in how you communicate with your audience.

The problem is many times a business, non-profit, or industry experts aren't clear on how to speak to their right audience. They don't know how to engage. Sometimes they are trying to talk to the "wrong" audience or trying to solve the wrong problem. Or they don't know how to clearly talk about their value and what they offer. Most of the time businesses don't understand their audience, and that leaves them using the wrong message tone, visuals, stories and even focusing on the wrong issues.

Don't make these costly marketing and messaging mistakes! 


To become the "chosen" guide to your ideal audience (like Yoda to Luke Skywalker) you have to find that breakthrough issue your target audience is open to solve now. This could be the idea that you help others in a unique way compared to your competitors. Or maybe you have developed a "new" way to help others. Sometimes the breakthrough isn't in the service or product but instead "how" you deliver it better, differently, unexpected, or in a unique way compared to your competitors. This could be in your customer service, hours open, support, or you "come to them" to deliver it vs. virtually or at your location. 

I help you define and clarify your messaging and marketing. Which turns your prospects into buyers and then loyal fans who start sharing your brand with "their" audience.

How I help you clarify your message...


Conduct Market Research & Analysis


Define and clarify your messaging


Create marketing plan around messaging


Create unique content according to plan


Test content, refine to get best results

How can I help you?

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