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Communications & Brand Development Services

Public Relations + Digital Marketing + Branding +
Social Media + Information/Educational Products

Your mission is what you DO. Your vision is WHERE you're going. Your purpose is your distinct reason for existing ... WHY you do what you do. We help you discover your unique and timeless purpose.  Then we use our distinct method of injecting your purpose into your culture, products, messaging, marketing and everything you your profits, products & people are powered by the same purpose. 


"Without a clear purpose running throughout your organization's DNA, you're just another business or cause trying to be noticed but unfortunately not  standing out." Shari Kingston Adams Founder Truu North

Let the Adventure begin....

Your Story?

The first place people go to learn about YOU and your organization, is the internet. They search for your website, blog, social media and any news stories about you.

Does YOUR website, PR, marketing, social media and branding effectively communicate your PURPOSE, brand story and your brand's value?  Does it create an authentic brand experience?

Or is it outdated, inconsistent and unclear? Or just a misrepresentation of who you really are?! Are you more focused on the unemotional "whats" & "hows" of your brand and just skim over the engaging "why" behind your brand?

We're here to help you connect with your audience honestly, organically and with meaning.  We want to help you turn your purpose into growth, profits, momentum, impact and a loyal following of brand "believers".

Your Digital Story

We help purpose-driven organizations & entrepreneurs turn their SMART IDEAS & PURPOSE into influence, impact, customers,and profits---- through empowering messaging, design, visibility and strategy.

>>>90% of U.S. consumers say they would switch brands to one associated with a cause or specific "do good" purpose, given comparable price and quality. Ebiquity’s 2015 Global CSR Study




Once you discover your purpose you must bring it to life internally and externally. Otherwise, it's no more than a good intention. Our unique proprietary model helps you turn purpose into passion and profits.

Market Your



We help you inject your purpose into the DNA of your business, products, culture and messaging.  Our distinct process turns your purpose into more than just something you "say" and instead into something YOU ARE.

*See case studies & testimonials here and our WORK here.




Public Relations:

  • Create Press Releases

  • Create Media Pitches and Story Angles

  • Contact Media Directly to Get Your Brand Covered: traditional media, bloggers, influencers, online media and more

  • Public Relations and Media Staff Training

  • GrassRoots Public Relations: speaking, collaborations, community outreach and more



Marketing Content Creation and Writing for:

  • Blog posts (Monthly Blogging Packages starting at $375 month)

  • E--Newsletters

  • Articles

  • Fundraising or sales campaigns 

  • Email Marketing

  • Landing Pages

  • Content for marketing, website, products and much more

Social Media:

  • Manage Social Media Platforms: planning, posting, responding, engaging & growing (Monthly Social Media Packages starting at $499 month)

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Social Media Platform Strategy: Create Plan, Set-up and Social Media Staff Training

Digital Marketing: 

  • Email Marketing for fundraising, sales, brand awareness or education

  • Content Marketing: Website, Blog, Podcast and Video

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Keyword optimization


Creative Design & Messaging:   (see our work)

  • Brand Audit: learn more

  • Brand Development: logo, look and feel, messaging, activate purpose & your movement (see more on this below)

  • Create and Design Websites  

  • Create and Design Print Marketing Materials

  • Company Documentaries or videos


  • Information and educational products we help you create: books, e-books, webinars, online summits, online virtual programs, virtual & interactive academies, MP3 programs, self-study programs and live programs.

  • Product Development: we help you clarify what information/educational product to create that will be successful, help build your movement, meet the needs (& demand) of your audience, utilize your expertise and determine how/if we can re-purpose existing training products.

  • We will help you design, plan and develop your product.  

  • We will help you create a launch plan and marketing plan

  • We will help you create all types of virtual online products or live educational products


Consulting, Coaching & Training: (Learn more here)

  • Purpose-Driven Brand Development training through 2 day retreats (with staff, leadership, board or key stakeholders)

  • A Brand Audit: learn more here

  • Activate Your Purpose: Discover your unique and timeless purpose--and how to infuse it into your business, social media, culture and messaging DNA.

  • Purpose-Driven Brand Development: we help you develop, create & plan your marketing, PR, branding, social media, digital media, website effectiveness, growing your list, media training, investor pitch training and/or speaker training.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Transformation

  • Leadership and Founder Development

*Services and Coaching monthly packages starting at $375. Contact us to get started or to get your questions answered. 

Email us "below" to schedule a free 20 minute consultation.

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