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The Growth Partner Collaboration 

When we work together as "growth partners" I'm invested in helping your "whole" business or organization grow. I'm not just focused on "one" project or "one" area of your business. I have helped two companies grow to 8 figures and several other companies grow their businesses. This happened with this growth partner approach. No growth partner collaboration is the same. These are very individualized and are created around what's right for each specific organization. (See my case studies)

My growth partner program is a hybrid approach that combines my done for you marketing, training, and consulting. This program is for the business, non-profit, founder, or CEO who wants more than just help creating one piece of content or consulting in one area. When we work together as "growth partners" I help you with achieving your long-term goals and visions to increase revenue, expand your reach, elevate your brand's place in your industry & improve how "you" & your business operates.


Together we create a customized approach that analyzes, refines and optimizes several areas of your business or organization. Areas such as lead generation, internal systems, sales, technology, marketing, branding, automation, content, messaging, leadership skills, productivity, customer service, customer retention, your board, or employee empowerment. After talking about your challenges, goals and needs we develop a clear plan detailing which areas we will focus on that will have the biggest impact on your revenue, growth and overall goals. 

Then we set action steps, deadlines, milestones and work together to make this happen. We may collaborate 1 time a week or just depends on each growth partner.

Most CEOs, founders or businesses don't have the time, resources, expertise, or bandwidth to do "all" of this internally. Their staff doesn't have time for this either. For those that do have the resources internally, still choose to work with us because they see the huge value they receive from having fresh eyes, outside perspective, and taking advantage of my over 20 years' of diverse experience in new business development, marketing, sales, public relations and elevating leadership. They also see the value of someone experienced taking the lead in this type of project. This experience brings positive accountability and the focused goals & milestones that keep everyone on task, so they can actually achieve change, growth and transformation.

Desk with Book

What I help you with...

Business Development

Content Creation

Brand Messaging

Clarity & Niche

Brand Messaging, Tone, & Vibe

Ideal customer profile

Most valuable target audience

Mission, Vision & Values

Creating brand culture 

Brand reputation

Brand Strategy, Planning & Audit

Brand guidelines


Content Strategy & Plan

Email Marketing & Campaigns

Books & Ebooks

Blogs, Articles, Newsletters

Webinars & Online Courses


SEO Content

Websites, landing pages

Lead Generation content

Sales Funnels

and more....

Local SEO: increase search engine rankings

Strategic Business development

Market research & competitive analysis

Audit Customer Sales Journey for issues

Sales Training and Development

Strategic Sales Planning

Strategic Collaborations

Community Collaborations

Optimizing Board Effectiveness

Audit product or service fit with ideal customer


Audit & optimize Internal Systems

Technology and automation in sales & marketing

Employee brand buy in and empowerment

Customer experience: customer service & customer retention

Products & Services

Market research & Competitor analysis

Product & Service Development

Strategic Development

Products & Services naming

Products & Services messaging & branding

Media & Digital Communications

Social Media Content

Social Media Calendar & Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Training

Public Relations Strategy

Media Training

Media Pitching

Influencer Marketing

Strategic Collaborations


Grant Writing: research, write, submit & follow up

Fundraising Strategy

Board Development

Training for marketing, PR, fundraising 

All services on this page I do for non-profits also

Founder & Executive Development

Leadership &/or Founder Branding

Founder Development

Leadership audit

Increasing Leadership skills & capacity

Productivity, Accountability & Performance

Creating culture & thriving employees

Giving back collaborations that get employees & leadership involved

Work Life Balance

Benefits of a Growth Partner

Grow your revenue, reach and reputation

1 on 1 Expert Help with Elevated Experience

Reduced cost of hiring several employees or companies to do the same work.

Outside perspective to give fresh insight

A customized & whole business growth approach

Invested partner in your success 

Customized growth strategy to expand CEO/Founder's leadership
skills and capacity

Schedule a discovery call

Talk with Shari directly. Lets talk about your situation and how I can help.

No pressure just a conversation to learn more.

What My Clients Say

Sync Up
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Claude R., CEO

"Shari's process challenged me in ways I didn't expect. I realized my challenges with being an effective leader started with some of my own internal blocks from the past. The process changed everything about how I lead my business & life. I experienced increases in our revenue and class attendance."
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