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Done-For-You Marketing

I help your business, service-based business or non-profits master their brand messaging and brand story and then help them create content that supports their brand.

I do this through SEO, optimizing your website content, optimizing your social media and optimizing your brand messaging. While also looking how to forge strategic collaborations, and gain public relations attention.

This strategic approach helps you, your brand and your business become more VISIBLE to your ideal customers or supporters through your content.  

Through focusing on "marketing communications" which includes strategic content, collaborations, messaging and strategy.

I create "human generated" content, not AI.

AI generated content borrows content that already exists online and then creates unemotional, unimaginative and predictable content. Your audience doesn't respond to that kind of content. And Google search values "original" content over content that already exists.

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Grow Your Business, Mission, or Idea With Expert Marketing

Referrals are an indispensable tool for building your business. But, you can’t scale a business by hoping someone sends you a referral.

If terms like search engine optimization, content calendars, click-through rates, client avatar, social media calendar, and brand strategy make your head spin, it’s time to hire an expert.

The right marketing plan generates consistent client leads for your business on autopilot.


I offer Done-For-You Marketing service for businesses, creatives, entrepreneurs and non-profits who are serious about jump starting their marketing...locally or nationally.

What you can get with Done-For-You Marketing...

Organic SEO

Google rewards quality content. When someone enters something in a Google search bar, the results page is determined by what they think are the BEST options. How well YOU rank in Google, is driven by the quality of the "content" on your website, how your content is connected to other websites, keywords, and many other factors that most businesses are completely unaware of.

I help you create your organic SEO strategy and I can also help you create it and manage it.

Sales, Marketing, Educational Content

(SME Content)

Your brand's SME content is everywhere-- on your website, blogs, landing pages, infographics, in your emails, newsletters, case studies, checklists, promotions, quizzes, digital education, webinars, ebooks, whitepapers, and product or service descriptions. Your content should always think of the audience FIRST, so they feel understood and not "sold" to. Content marketing does this by sharing value, building trust and connecting authentically with a specific audience. Content marketing attracts users to your brand with useful, educational or entertaining content--in the form of text, infographics, video, & audio.

I can create this content for you ongoing or on a per project basis. I can also help you create a content marketing plan so you know where you should start and what you should focus on based on your situation.

Marketing & Visibility Plan and Strategy

I will help you create your marketing and visibility plan and marketing focus, after I do an in-depth analysis of your business, target market, budget and your team resources. We will work on traditional marketing, digital marketing and public relations. Other marketing experts "tell" you what you should do even though it may not be right for your industry or situation. You will get a customized plan that fits your needs. and available resources.

Social Media Content & Management

Your social media content strategy and daily engagement is about cultivating an ongoing & growing relationship with your target audience. This is done through being a resource and inspiration to them so you can build an emotional connection with them. While also building an ongoing story about who you are and how your brand story relates to them. Most brands fall short here.


I can create and curate compelling content for your social media and marketing. In addition to creating content, I can also create a social media plan. I can also help you create your social media calendar, so it takes the guess work out of when & what you should post. I can even help you manage your social media platforms. 

Content Strategy and Brand Voice

If you don't have a clear "brand message" and intentional content plan, all the other marketing & content strategies fail. What's the "uncomplicated" brand message you want your audience to hear? What's the powerful purpose or big picture "behind" your marketing strategy? These answers help build successful marketing plans, which builds successful businesses.

I can help you get clarity on where you should focus your marketing strategy, so your strategy fits your needs and resources.

I can also help you get a clear brand story and conversion message so your whole team stays focused on the same message.

Marketing Mindset and the Psychology of Successful Marketing

Learn the insights to the psychology of marketing. Learn how colors, message tone, pictures and layout impacts the effectiveness of your marketing.

What My Clients Say

Business Meeting
attorney dkjfeih

Kristina B., Attorney

Working with Shari helped grow my business but also helped me dive deep into myself and what I wanted to create. Shari helped me elevate my organic SEO and online presence through blog posts, optimizing my website, local SEO, social media and through the launch of my podcast.  Within a few months I was in the top 10 on local organic searches for my niche--animal attorney. Soon I was consistently in the top 2 or 5. This was with no paid advertising, only organic SEO. She also helped me get clear on my content strategy and my brand messaging which I used to update all my marketing and website-- this was vital to my overall growth. 
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