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I focus on two areas in my consulting, your business and the LEADER behind the business or idea. I have found that when we only focus on one or the other, you don't get the results you want because the two are interconnected and your success is based on the effectiveness of BOTH. How much we focus on each depends on the client, their situation and what they want to achieve.

My process is unique and helps the focused and clear-headed client, but it also helps the client that needs clarity and guidance on what's next. We start with an in-depth analysis and take the client deep into where they've been, where they are and where they want to go.  This helps us create a plan and strategy on how to move forward.

Consulting Options: most of my consulting is done virtually however working in person is an option.


  • Monthly programs

  • 1-2 session options

  • Growth Intensive: my 2 day "in person" sessions, where we work on the growth of you and your business. Clients come to Golden, Colorado to do Growth Intensive.


If you are interested in consulting, schedule a phone call or email me at

Also learn more about my Growth Partner Collaborations: a hybrid of done for you marketing & consulting

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What My Clients Say

Digital Nomad
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Mona C., Artist and Entrepreneur

"Shari really is a creativity genius.  She helps you see beyond your vision of what's possible. Her programs helped me reconnect with my creativity in a way I didn't think possible. She's amazing to work with."
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