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Health, Wellness, Creative & Lifestyle  Brands: Let's Start Your Movements

Are you ready to start growing your
health, creative or lifestyle business?

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, searching the internet and watching countless videos on how to figure out your business, grow your business or even how to "lead" your business? ​Or do all this for your nonprofit?  

Getting a professional marketing and business consultant means, you have access to ALL of your options to grow, level up, diversify, market and even lead your projects, business or organization.


STOP WORKING with experts who say their "one" way to do things is the only way, why not work with someone who says, "let's find the RIGHT way for your SPECIFIC BUSINESS to grow, market and start your big movement!" 

My consulting works with you 1 on 1 using my 3 Factor System:

  • Business and Marketing Development 

  • Productivity, Organization and Accountability

  • Founder Development

Each client is different, but with each client I focus on the 3 key factors in helping you grow your business. Each client situation is unique, so what we focus on and how much we focus on each, is based on what they need, their goals and their challenges.

Who do I work with?

Service-Based Health, Wellness, Creative, and Lifestyle Brands, Industry Experts and Nonprofits
  • Health & Wellness Experts: doctors, practitioners, coaches, authors, speakers, or nonprofits/organizations.
  • Health & Wellness Products or Places: spas, fitness, organic, farms or natural products.
  • Health & Wellness Technology: SaaS, apps, or products.
  • Creative: writers, artists, photographers, or designers
  • Lifestyle Service-Based Brands & Experts: house, home, garden, design, work life balance, sports, cooking, family, pets, slow-living, farming, conservation, nature, finances, niche attorneys, self-development and faith-based brands, experts or organizations.

Learn more about each of the 3 Factors

Fashion Designers

Marketing & Business Development

Office Meeting

Productivity, Organization & Accountability

A Man and a Woman working together

Founder Development & Leadership

Stop trying to figure this all out yourself!

Does this sound familiar.....

"I can't figure out what my next steps are to make change in my business and focus."

"I'm ready to expand my business online but there's so many experts saying different things, I want to know the best option for ME?"

"I'm getting burnt out on how my life and business are set up, but I don't know what to do to change this."

"I have this big idea of starting my own business, but I'm overwhelmed with figuring out how to start."

"I want to start creating content to expand my reach and to help more people but where do I start? Do I write a book, create videos, start a podcast or blog or do I dive headfirst into social media content?"

If you're ready to start making progress on your goals and transforming your business & beyond.....then it's time we talk!!! 
Schedule a Discovery Call Today

Shari's Process....

idea assembly line.jpg


Work With Focus & In Alignment with What Matters Most to You

We begin with research, data collection and getting to know your brand, customers, industry & culture. Then we create a customized PLAN, where together we map out the exact next steps to achieve your brand AND business goals. No more guessing, you now work with focus and clarity from a clear, written plan. Shari will also take the time to understand your brand's vision, customers, and core values so what we do is in "alignment" with what matters most to you.


No Longer Alone

Work with Shari one-on-one, whether it’s working together to create a powerful brand message or marketing, guiding you on creating content that works for you, increasing you and your brand's visibility, guiding you on how to finally write that book, overcome mental blocks, hold you accountable, become laser-focused on your business plan or work.  Shari helps and supports you, so you no longer have to do this alone.

Dreamers image.webp


Personalized For You

Never get “stuck” in cookie-cutter systems, services, or consulting that doesn’t fully apply to you and your business. Or a system that leaves the work of figuring it out to you or your already busy team. Get the answers and help you need – fast – from Shari who addresses your specific strengths, needs and challenges, so you make progress toward your goals without wasting time.


Develop & Grow All of You

A business or creative idea can only grow when the leaders of the business grow as well. Working with Shari means you are working on the purpose, focus and performance of your business AND of you. Life changing transformation is always the goal for everyone who works with Shari.

seed growing.jpg

How we can
work together

Starter Sessions: 
Three-- 90 minute sessions

Success Builder:
6 months-- 90 minute session every week plus monthly 2-hour work sessions and more. 

Private In Person
Growth Intensive
2 days in person: 7 hours each day creating, planning, training and more.

Schedule Discovery Call to Learn what's right for you.
Young Female Artist

Schedule Your Discovery Call Today

Free call and no pressure. Just a conversation with Shari to learn more about your business or organization and explore how she could help you.

What My Clients Say

Digital Nomad
Testimonial Mona.jpg

Mona C., Artist and Entrepreneur

"Shari really is a creativity genius.  She helps you see beyond your vision of what's possible. Her programs helped me reconnect with my creativity in a way I didn't think possible. She's amazing to work with."
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