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Mindset, Business Development & Life Coach
for creatives, entrepreneurs & dreamers

If you are an entrepreneur, creative, doer or dreamer sometimes the next best thing you need isn't more systems, funnels, content, techniques, products, connections, branding hacks, new ways to sell online, or more gurus telling you how the "mega successful" live their lives. Instead, YOU need to figure out how to take control of your inner critic, figure out what you want next, manage your stress & overwhelm, uncover what's blocking you, grow your spirituality or get reconnected to your true creative self.  Sometimes inner work is needed before business work or even creative work can be done successfully. Most of the time it's our inner self that's resisting doing the IMPORTANT work in your business or life-- this is why your inner self needs to be realigned and reconnected to where you want to go and who you want to be first.  

"Sometimes during the pursuit of our dreams, we lose our true self, our peace of mind and the true clarity we need to keep moving forward--I'm here to help you master the pursuit so that doesn't happen."

I help you create your big ideas, achieve your goals and live a deeper happiness, not by giving you more information but by helping you grow personally, heal core wounds, silence your inner critic, take control of your multi-faceted mind and tap into your creative self.  Then I help you with the business innovation and growing your ideas. All so the resistance to do what you need to do vanishes and it's much easier to grow your business, elevate your creativity and become free from your internal struggle.

The Creator's Way Method

My method includes a comprehensive approach that acknowledges the complexities of human psychology, science and spirituality as a framework towards healing, changing, growing and evolving--in your life, business and spirit.

When I say "creator" I'm referring to the fact that we are all creators of our own reality, happiness and even fulfillment but also our own misery and inner storms.

The Creator's Way Method is part personal development, business development, inner work, healing and inner creativity work using neuroscience, quantum physics, behavioral science, core wound healing, brain training and inner development. I take the powerful neuroscience research that I worked on for 10 years that explored productivity, negative loops and healing core trauma to help my clients make lasting changes, remove mental blocks, improve their inner voice, increase productivity, finally reach goals, find clarity, happiness and fulfillment--while also reconnecting them to their true and deeper self.  This is about finding deeper happiness, deeper success and deeper fulfillment.

The Creator's Way is a path to higher creativity, deeper living, happier souls and inspiring work. It's focus is on creating an aligned life, where your work, life and inner self are working together, in alignment. 

The Creator's Way takes the science that is readily accepted by neuroscientists and physicists and teaches it to you so you can understand how your mind, consciousness and how natural laws really work "with" you.  We are co-creators with the universe and science has the proof that this is true--this isn't just a bunch of woo-woo.  However, I've found that sometimes a little woo-woo is a part of creating true transformation and miracles in your life, heart and work.  I'm a researcher who believes there's a lot in the universe that seems woo-woo "now" simply because we haven't discovered the HOW behind it.

How can I help you?

I help you and your business grow....AND transform 
  • Free yourself from negative self talk & your inner critic

  • Finally feel clarity about next steps.

  • Start a business that feeds you and your dreams

  • Stop hiding, avoiding, reacting and even resisting success.

  • Stop caring about other people's opinions & judgement towards you.

  • Learn real steps to grow your big ideas and business

  • Embrace and become the 100% version of yourself.

  • Take a healthier approach to stress.

  • Uncover your unique link to your higher source

  • Trust yourself, your ideas and learn to listen to your intuition.

  • Overcome impostor's syndrome and finally feel capable.  

  • Become free from procrastination and its' cousin...perfectionism.

  • Become an awakened and aligned person, entrepreneur, artist and anything else you're dream of becoming.

  • Reconnect to your true creative self. 

  • Stop being controlled by your emotions, fears, limitations & doubts.

  • Overcome productivity challenges with ease. 

  • Create a highly successful & fulfilling business by taking action from your creative self and from a place of freedom, ease and flow.

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My Mission

My mission behind what I do is to unleash the creative potential of the human spirit and engage people of all ages & backgrounds to create impact, new inventions, balanced success, creativity, human connection, happiness, awakened souls & true innovation in their work, lives, community, & themselves... by living their true creative self.  

When you empower one person to innovate & re-imagine their place in the world and then help them GO live this EXPANDED version of empower generations. A person's reach touches their kids, family, friends, community and work. We want to inspire and empower people so they can empower everyone around them--so they can transform their corner of the world. That's how the world is changed... transforming one person from the "inside out" at a time to live from their True Creative Self, rather than from their ego or wounded self.  Or from a self that doesn't understand the true science happening in their mind...right now.  The more people we have living in alignment with their emotionally healed self the more we all can create the lives we dream of. This will trigger a ripple effect. It's time to trigger your OWN ripple effect by discovering your place, purpose & path in this you can become a True Leader of yourself, your life, your mind and your soul.  Learn more about Living the Creative Way.

Our Giving Mission

We DONATE 10% of all of our profits to helping grow people and communities.  We also host Entrepreneur Mission TripsTM  all over the world taking people on transformational journeys to help grow more dream builders & uplift the communities they visit.

About Shari Kingston Adams
Mom, Wife, Writer, Micro-farmer, Emmy Nominated Producer & Curiosity Junkie

For 10 years I was a neuroscience, brain and health researcher & educator for doctors and health practitioners. After being layed off from my job I started using what I had learned in neuroscience and started blending it with creativity, marketing, leadership, productivity, and personal growth. I also began working with clients to help them uncover core neurological scars that kept them from becoming their true creator self. I began consulting businesses & individuals on how to use this method to gain more creativity, free them from unseen blocks, innovate their businesses and give them access to their true & awakened self so they could create their best life, business and state of mind. 

I didn't really have a name for what I was doing but it was giving my clients results. Deep down though, I felt something was missing. I had mastered starting & growing businesses, branding them, creating educational products for them and developing profitable revenue models, but realized most of my clients eventually hit walls, were unhappy, unfulfilled or were hitting burnout. The missing piece was to grow the people from the inside out and to go deeper with their growth.  But I would have to discover this for myself before I could help others with it.

Everything started to change in 2013, when I lost both of my parents unexpectedly a few years apart, a health scare with my son and my business mentor and his wife committed suicide. It was during this time that I was forced to remove all my preconceived notions about what I knew about life. Pain, loss and uncertainty has a way of either destroying you or awakening you.  For me it was a little of both. Many parts of me were destroyed or broken--yet I found little by little, "life" sprouted in the brokenness.  Before the loss of my parents, I was getting burnt out on work and I knew there had to be more. I needed to find my way back to my creative & inspired self. The loss of my parents launched me on a new journey to not only find work I loved but a life & Self I loved. This is when I started developing The Creator's Way TM as it is today.  This path brought me back to my true creative self. It was the path that showed me the power I had to create my own path, my own happiness, my own fulfillment but it could also create my own misery and my own overwhelm. I had been experimenting with this powerful creative process for years, but it wasn't until I lost my parents that this process transformed me as I moved through my grief for them, and led me as I've grown my life, business and spiritual self.

How everything began to change...

This creative approach to living, flooded all areas of my life with inspiration, clarity, focus and success. It also freed me from decades of emotional blocks that kept me from moving towards my inspired life. I finally felt like I was following my true path and living my "aligned life". A life that aligned with my thoughts, desires and what mattered to me most.

When I say "creative" I'm not referring to an artist but instead someone who 'creates" their own reality, their own happiness, their own path and their own fulfillment.

This process helped me become an Emmy-Nominated producer, successful writer, designer, urban flower farmer and even helped me continue my neuroscience research. I also became a stronger mom, wife and person.  The best part is I started enjoying life more because I felt aligned and awakened.  Developing The Creator's Way helped me discover that most people who are looking for more out of life, aren't looking for "more" they just want their desires and values to be aligned with what they do and create every day. 

These breakthroughs for myself have led me to sharing this powerful process with my clients.  I started helping other dormant & lost creators find their way back to their true and creative self, to launch brilliant ideas, projects, businesses, adventures & even lives. This process transformed my business also. I started taking special projects that excited me and scared me. Ones that helped non-profits, military families, service dogs, homeless families, flower farms and even Formula One race car drivers.  My shift ended up helping people across the country and I even became an Emmy-Nominated Producer along the way.

Personally, we bought a travel trailer to travel more with the family and started a tiny flower farm in the heart of the city. It has been a series of tiny steps that have led me to where I am today. I still don't have it all figured out because my life is constantly evolving. I've discovered my creative way is my true north.  It's a path & perspective I follow, not a destination or dogma to follow.  I'm still evolving--and that's the good news!!  One of the best parts has been sharing this with others and watching their life transform personally and professionally as it creates a ripple effect of happiness & success for them.

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About Shari

Stories from Shari's Clients.....

"Rodman and I have struggled to take our PBS television show to the next level because we’ve had similar, yet different visions. Being a husband and wife team adds a unique dynamic and we needed someone strong enough, who we both trusted, to lead us down a path to truly reflect on why we were creating this show and where our hearts were guiding us next. After working with Shari, we felt reinvigorated to unfold our movement in a way that honored each of our unique gifts.  We are confident, and slightly giddy, now that we have renewed direction and focus.  It is also magical to see the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place once we said our vision out loud."

--Gina and Rodman Schley PBS Hosts and Producers of 3 seasons of Urban Conversion


"Shari is the full package.  She understands the skills needed to create successful projects and successful people. She's a true leader in what she does."

--Joe Theisman former NFL player, entrepreneur & TV broadcaster

testimonial Lou.jpg

"Shari knows so much about how to bring out the best in leaders. She helps new and seasoned leaders find paths to more innovation and creativity professionally and personally."

--Lou Mancini Former CEO of GNC and Brookstone

"Shari is incredible to work with. Her energy, knowledge, insight, enthusiasm and creativity brings priceless value to the projects & people she touches. I have worked with Shari on multiple projects for my specialty natural foods company. She helped me with my movement."

--Julie Nirvelli Entrepreneur

"We are a small, start-up nonprofit organization who, like most early stage businesses, were narrowly focused on our business plan and painfully unfocused on creating brand and brand awareness.  Shari opened our eyes to the type of message we wanted to deliver, and broadened the horizon of those who need to hear it. She helped us start our "movement". She is patient, creative, intuitive, nurturing - and best of all, Shari knows her business. I cannot recommend Shari Kingston Adams highly enough."  Mike Hales Executive Director and Father to the Founders Chris and Matt Hales Goggles for Guppies

"Working with Shari was refreshing. I've talked to many business strategists and none have laid out such a thought out plan for me like Shari did. She asked a few questions and then jumped in quickly with a list of steps that I could take to get me where I want to be in my business.  What I loved most is that she focused on my "big dream" (my WHY)  for my business. I get so mired in the details of running a naturopathic medicine practice that I sometime forget to focus on where I am heading with it.  Working with Shari was action-oriented and it was the first time I could see how I could get to where I want to be. It was just what I've been looking for." --

 Denise Clark N.D.  

Formula 1 racer.jpg

"Shari's process challenged me in ways I didn't expect. I realized my challenges with being an effective leader started with some of my own internal blocks from the past.  The process changed everything about how I lead my business & life."

--Claude Rouelle CEO OptimumG, Vehicle Dynamics for Motorsports & Automotive Manufactureres 

"Shari's method helped me gain the confidence to be the leader I was meant to be. This helped me grow my natural health business."

--Janice Shayne entrepreneur

testimonial Sydney.jpg

"I had no idea what I wanted to do in business or life. I was skeptical of Shari's program, but I still did it. I couldn't believe how it completely changed how I saw myself and my future.  I owe so much to Shari.  Thank you!!! --Lindsey Mathews 

"I had big dreams about what I wanted to do but for some reason I was always too scared to start. Too many imposter syndrome thoughts. I worked with Shari and found my core trauma. I also learned how to deal with my limiting "parts". It was mind-blowing how soon everything opened up in my heart afterwards. It's like the process freed me from years of fear and struggle. The imposter syndrome doesn't stop me anymore!"

--Bella Taylor entrepreneur & Blogger

testimonial Mark.jpg

"Shari is an excellent expert on marketing, branding and helping you develop your brand story. She guided me as I launched a new product." -- Mark Rise entrepreneur

Testimonial Mona.jpg

"Shari really is a creativity genius.  She helps you see beyond your vision of what's possible. Her programs helped me reconnect with my creativity in a way I didn't think possible. She's amazing to work with."

-- Mona Catmull Artist and  Entrepreneur

"I was in a complete rut in my work and life.  I wanted so much more out of life but didn't know where to start.  Shari's programs gave me the valuable tools I never knew I had to reconnect to what inspires me.  Most importantly she helped me tap into my true self and that has given me so much joy."

--Sam Marlow Entrepreneur & philanthropist

"I joined Shari's program because I wanted to grow my business.  I had no idea I would get so much more.  My business has grown 2x but I'm more proud of how I've grown personally. Thank you Shari!!!!"

--Lisa Martin entrepreneur

“Every time I meet with Shari, she comes up with breakthrough ideas on how we can expand and evolve our brand.  I’ve gotten invaluable new ideas from her and find myself always saying, I never thought of that. Her insight into non-profits has helped us tremendously. Shari isn’t like other so-called marketing experts, she helps you create not only ideas (big and small), but enlarge your vision, provide new methods that attract your ideal market faster and help you expand into new ones. We are now in 11 regions.”

--Kenton Kuhn CEO of BlackTie America  

"It doesn't matter what your story is, we've all been called to live truu, rise strong & aim high."
--Shari Kingston 

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